Wow Andalusia!

Surely you can imagine yourself spending 10 days visiting some of Andalusia's most emblematic cities and charming villages.

Feeling the strong identity of neighbourhoods such as the Albayzín, with a privileged panoramic views of the Alhambra and the Generalife, with which it has the UNESCO World Heritage designation, or Sacromonte, a reserve of cante jondo singing and flamenco dancing, an Intangible Cultural Heritage that you can get to grips with.

Wow Andalusia!
Wow Andalusia!

Also tasting the famous tapas of the Nasrid city or the specialities of the Alpujarras in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Biosphere Reserve, and saying goodbye to Granada on a journey that has only just begun.

Discovering Sevilla and its World Heritage monuments, such as the Cathedral, the Royal Alcázar and the Archive of the Indies, on a guided cycle tour, in the company of the tranquil Guadalquivir River. Falling under the spell of the Triana neighbourhood and its market, the ideal place to get to know Andalusian cuisine.

And being dazzled by the mesmerising light and character of Cádiz's iconic white villages, whether on the coast or in the mountains. The province is home to the famous Jerez wines, which are paired with great dishes such as almadraba tuna, a local gastronomic gem, and accompany adventures such as whale watching, surfing in Tarifa or walks and sunsets on the golden beaches of Cádiz, straddling the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. And the capital, a historic and picturesque city with a major role in the relationship with the Spanish Viceroyalties in America in the Modern Age.

Wow Andalusia!
Wow Andalusia!

You still have time to rest and reflect on all you have experienced. Perhaps you will open the door for the first time to memories forged by the fire of great experiences that will stay with you for the rest of your life. And you can imagine yourself doing this in an hammam Arabian bath, in Malaga.

Or savouring a last dinner to say goodbye to Andalusia. Although at Genuine Spain we know you'll be back.


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