Ecotourism and nature in its purest form

Are you passionate about all that nature has to offer? Get ready for a unique adventure in Spain!

A perfect travel plan for you that will take you, over 13 days, to discover some of the country's most emblematic national parks and protected natural spaces, while immersing yourself in rural life and culture, taking part in the workshops and traditions that make Spain so diverse and special.

Starting from the capital itself, Madrid, and heading south, you will walk on the water at Tablas de Daimiel, pass through the Spanish Serengeti, Cabañeros, and look out over the Mediterranean from the highest peak on the Iberian Peninsula: Sierra Nevada

We turn east in search of Atlantic beaches, dune ecosystems and marshes in the unique Doñana, a refuge for hundreds of species, migratory birds and endangered mammals such as the Iberian lynx.

We head towards the north of the country, stopping to trace the history of mankind through rocks and fossils in the Villuercas Geopark and to conquer a castle on the Tajo River in Monfragüe.

Following in the footsteps of the wolf, we will cross the Sierra de la Culebra to reach our final destination. A fantasy scenario such as that offered by the Picos de Europa. Rugged mountains, lakes, gorges and crystal-clear waters plunging into the void.

It's not just nature that will leave its mark on you on this trip. A whole collection of experiences awaits you in villages with medieval architecture, regions with strong character and excellent local gastronomy, a 14th century monastery declared a Historic-Artistic Site and World Heritage Site by UNESCO, an old oil mill or a traditional loom and an organic farm are just some of the unique places waiting to be discovered in all their splendour or to be the setting for fabulous and fun workshops. 

Places you'll leave... but never quite!


Genuine Spain - Conscious Luxury. Authentic and sustainable traveling

Conscious Luxury. Authentic and sustainable traveling


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