Foodie green Spain

If the sense of taste is one of your main sources of pleasure and you enjoy fine dining like no other, get ready for an unforgettable experience.

It is no coincidence that Spain is one of the world's top food and wine destinations. As well as a variety of climates that make it possible to grow and produce a wide range of quality products, there is also a whole culture of good food.

Foodie green Spain
Foodie green Spain

The Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia await you at the table. The cuisine of the Atlantic north of the country is known for the strength and flavour of its dishes, which tastefully and artfully combine legumes, meat, vegetables, fish and other fruits of a sea that continues to shape the lives of its people.

Cocido montañés (mountain stew), pochas (beans), bacalao al pil-pil (cod in pil-pil sauce), chuletón a la brasa (grilled steak) and pulpo a feira (octopus) are just a few of the dozens of delicacies that come to mind. Local and seasonal product.

Regions that also stand out for the quality and fame of their wines and ciders. Who hasn't touched the sky with a glass of Galician Albariño, fresh Txakolí or the reds of Rioja Alavesa, which also produces an excellent olive oil.

Nor will we leave out the wide variety of cheeses, born in the evergreen meadows, or other local specialities that come our way in this northern corridor of the Iberian Peninsula.

Foodie green Spain
Foodie green Spain

Twelve days of a genuine orgy of flavours, aromas and textures in perfect harmony with the showiness of the places where it takes place.

Biosphere reserves, mountain and fishing villages that have barely passed the centuries and cities that will captivate you forever. 

Enjoy your meal!


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