We know Spain like the back of our hand. We love that people enjoy our country as we do, that is why we design unique experiences that allow the traveler to enter the wonderful environment in which we live.

Our values

Our purpose is to promote more sustainable livelihoods, encouraging a way of traveling that preserves the cultural and natural heritage of Spain.



PERSONALISATION - Sustainable luxury trips

People are constantly evolving. We want your experience to be truly unique.


Creativity - Sustainable luxury trips

We are creative. We create ideas and concepts that allow the traveler to link with the reality of the destinations.


Quality - Sustainable luxury trips

We take care of the details. We offer exclusive places and experiences for travelers to explore in maximum comfort.


Authenticity - Sustainable luxury trips

We invite travelers to live unique experiences and get to know the unknown Spain.


Responsibility - Sustainable luxury trips

We act responsibly. We seek that our trips have a positive impact for the local population.


Awareness - Sustainable luxury trips

We believe in the transformative power of travel. We think that traditions, culture and the environment bring people closer to the values of a destination.


Our team

We share our knowledge with you so that Spain inspires you as much as it inspires us.

Susana Conde
Through Genuine Spain, I have been sharing my passion for Spain's immense natural and cultural heritage with our travellers for over 15 years, showing them how and where to taste its varied gastronomy, listen to its different languages, walk through its magical natural spaces and connect with its authentic local cultures.
Susana CondeFounder
Irene Carravilla
For me, approaching Genuine means exploring the most special destinations in Spain to live authentic experiences. Each trip becomes an opportunity to immerse oneself in the reality and culture of each destination, always from the perspective of sustainability. It is discovering the true essence of each place, weaving meaningful connections and leaving positive footprints along the way.
Irene Carravilla 
Tania Gracia
Sustainable tourism immerses you fully in local customs, traditions and gastronomy. Visiting the best-kept corners, discovering their secrets, having the sensation of disconnecting and having an unforgettable experience, always unique and authentic.
Tania Gracia 
Giulia Montresor
For me, discovering Spain with GenuineSpain means venturing into the most extraordinary corners of the country through original activities and visits that show the essence of each destination. It means discovering places in depth, enjoying every moment and respecting local traditions and the environment. On each trip, every detail is carefully planned to create unforgettable memories.
Giulia Montresor 

Our philosophy

We are passionate about our country and we are delighted to show it to our travelling friends who come to Spain. We will become your cicerone during those days you spend in our country. We want you to feel at home and that the best thing you take with you after your trip is the experience you have lived and the human relationships you have made. 

We will do everything to be your best hosts ever and bring you closer to the authentic and genuine Spain.

We work our travel proposals for Spain based on a very special, committed philosophy and close relationship with the destination.

We are a small local company with deep and extensive experience in responsible and sustainable tourism, with more than 14 years of professional activity, offering our travellers responsible trips all over the world. In the same way, we bring our country closer to those who wish to discover it in this way. With the same mission, values and principles, and with the same criteria when preparing our tourism products and services, we strive to offer innovative and unique travel proposals for your enjoyment.

The clearest example of what we do in a transparent way can be found in our Commitment to Sustainability, which we invite you to read to learn more about the philosophy and values on which we are based.

Our aims

But broadly speaking, our aims are:

  • To promote responsible and sustainable tourism in all its aspects. Trying to apply it to any type of trip and to any destination.
  • To develop an activity with a positive impact on society, not only economically, but also socially, culturally and environmentally.
  • To develop our activity based on ethics, responsibility and transparency.
  • To assume our responsibility with regard to the possible negative impacts of our activity and try to minimise them.
  • To contribute to local economic development, to the improvement of the quality of life of local communities, to the enhancement and conservation of the Natural and Cultural Heritage and to the generation of more humane and equitable relations between locals and visitors.
  • To offer our clients products and services of the highest quality, seeking innovation, creativity and professionalism, taking care of every detail in every visit or getaway that travellers make with us.

Genuine Spain - Conscious Luxury. Authentic and sustainable traveling

Conscious Luxury. Authentic and sustainable traveling


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