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Genuine Spain is the first inbound travel agency for sustainable tourism and ecotourism in Spain, formed in 2019 by a team with extensive backgrounds & knowledge in the travel and tourism industry.

Genuine Spain is the inbound brand in Spain of Agrotravel, founded by Susana Conde in 2009 to allow Spanish travelers to discover the world under the sustainability umbrella, and it is also an expansion of GreenEuskadi, an inbound sustainable tourism travel agency in The Basque Country. Genuine Spain is also founded by Susana Conde and has a multidisciplinary team formed of Marisol Herrera, commercial partner and advisor, Libe Valverde and Emilia Ayres, travel experiences designers and Ángela Rodríguez, responsible for marketing and communication.

The Genuine Spain team has extensive experience in sustainable travel and tourism, particularly in the design, sale and promotion of sustainable tourism experiences tailor made for clients. This, together with a wide network of local partners generated over the years in Spain, allows Genuine Spain to have a unique value chain focused on positive impact travel.

Examples of Genuine Spain value chain are entities and organizations that help to conserve the exceptional socio-cultural, historical and natural heritage of Spain, whilst sharing this experience with tourists. These are socio-cultural and environmental initiatives, local businesses and unique accommodation services, as well as rural and urban enterprises that provide an alternative to the growing over-tourism in some Spanish destinations.

Genuine Spain’s initiatives and collaborations aim to reduce rural depopulation by providing tools, strategies and a support network to encourage women-led, young and people at risk of exclusion entrepreneurship programs.

Environmentally, Genuine Spain is committed to leading the fight against climate change in the travel agency sector in Spain, as well as the reduction of single-use plastics in tourism through its alliance with Travel Without Plastic.

The main challenge identified by this social innovation company is that the current supply of sustainable tourism in Spain is dispersed and decentralized. There are many small businesses and tourism companies with a sustainable approach but lack training, contacts and access to the target markets interested in their product. Genuine Spain seeks to solve this challenge by providing a single platform that is focused on direct sales with potential clients & international companies interested in a differentiated tourism product and other suppliers that demonstrate positive impact travel in Spain.

At destination level, Genuine Spain works to co-design tourism products with destination managers whilst supporting local entrepreneurs, to create attractive and transformative travel experiences in the Spanish territory.

Genuine Spain already has several national and international alliances that seek to promote a more sustainable tourism at ground level. This includes board membership of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) and the Global Ecotourism Network (GEN). In addition, the company will soon be part of the Ecotourism Club of Spain, it is in the process of becoming an agency which adheres to the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas and it is renewing its certification in sustainable tourism with Travelife.

Genuine Spain recognises the collaborative work with its local suppliers and destinations in sustainability and it thanks travelers and local initiatives who over the years have shown that sustainable tourism is possible and profitable in Spain.

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